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Alphabet Boats


A rhyming alphabet book about 26 types of vessels from A to Z. Back matter with facts about each of the 26 boats. Colorful art includes upper and lowercase alphabet letters in the illustrations.


"Rhyming text and digital illustrations capture watertight conveyances of all shapes and sizes in this cheerful alphabet book. One to two sentences are spent on each letter of the alphabet all while describing a special type of boat. "K is for kayak, long and narrow to move faster. L is for lifeboat - rescue in case of disaster."  An uncomplicated rhyme scheme helps the story become a read-aloud and encourages young readers to try some of the harder words like moor or shoal. Delightful digital illustrations showcase the letter in various uppercase and lowercase forms throughout each page, and children will delight in finding the letter on each page. VERDICT A first purchase for libraries looking to expand their ABC or transportation shelves. - School Library Journal

"Each letter/type occupies a single page and is accompanied by a simple, one-or two-sentence definition... The computer art is attractive, adding whimsy by incorporating the letters in each picture. For instance, the illustration of the dory shows people fishing and reeling in D's instead of fish, and the submarine browses the depths surrounded by fish and S's. This companion to Alphabet Trains and Alphabet Trucks offers opportunities for classroom use as well as learning for boat enthusiasts." - Kirkus Reviews

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